International Friends


A design concept for a new visual identity for International Friends, a tour service company for visitors to Britain. 

The target audience in mind for the rebrand is students studying abroad in Britain. I wanted the visual identity to reference how the country has so much history and things to see and do, how the company is reliable and authoritative, and how the tours are fun and casual. The IF logo references the Union Jack flag and the blue is pulled as a main color throughout the design. The duotone, cutout photos create cohesion throughout the brand and the collaged feel hints at the variety the country holds and personalization of International Friends tours. The scope of the project includes promotional pieces to pull the audience in, a website where they would book their tour, and a packet given on the tour incluing information about the tour, an itnerary, vistitor’s guide, postcard, IF sticker and tickets included in the tour package.

mobile app design

A design concept for a mobile app that tourists could use on an International Friends tour. 

This is a closer look the mobile app designed for International Friends, following the same visual identity. I created an app concept with the user’s experience in mind, thinking of what would be most beneficial to someone on a tour in a foreign country. I decided personalizion was a key factor and created a system where users sign into the specific tour they are on. Then, information about that tour would populate into their app. Users would have access to call their tour guide, directions to their accomadation, map of where they are, itinerary with notifications, e-tickets, accurate currency converter pulling from the user’s nationality and country they are currently in, and a messaging aspect to connect with others on their tour. Going from print to digital design required visual modifications, for example, introducing vector icons and translating the blue box text treatment into the bar across the top of the screens displaying the section title. Mainting the color scheme, typography, and few but present photo treatments keeps the mobile experience cohesive with the printed materials for International Friends.