When I found myself struggling to find a niche in the studio art setting, and struggling to enjoy the work I was creating, I fell back on a method that I have spent my life practicing and perfecting by making hats, mittens, sweaters. I put down the paintbrushes, picked up a pair of knitting needles, and sought out to make something like never before. I began my first hand knit portraits, working as if each stitch were a pixel in a photograph, and I never looked back. When I let go of the unrealistic expectations of what my drawings and paintings should look like, and instead embraced what I was naturally good at, I found my artistic voice as a fiber artist. I am continuously inspired by finding new ways to use and display the traditional technique of knitting. 

Welcome to a  true passion project of mine using a few of my favorite things – knitting, typography, and quirky wall art! With Fringe & Stitches, I combine aspects from a few different wall hanging trends (macrame, pennant flags, tapestries and signs) to deliver one-of-a-kind statement pieces that are totally different, and yet still so on trend!

rachel turdo  |  copyright 2020